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Clayton H. Riddell Graduate Program in Political Management

At all levels of government and across the spectrum of partisan persuasion, young people are drawn to politics in this country out of passion and conviction, determined to make a difference in the lives of their fellow citizens.

As political staff to cabinet ministers and elected representatives, strategists and tacticians for political parties, campaign managers and communication officers, policy advocates for civil society organizations and grassroots movements, they are essential to democratic practice and to the institutions and apparatus of contested politics.  However, until now there has been no formal education available to them in the professional skills of applied politics in Canada.

In response, Carleton University has created Canada’s first graduate program in political management: an intensive master’s degree designed to provide a professional foundation for students who will go on to leadership roles in the political offices and parties of the nation, and intended to contribute to a more constructive politics and well-informed policy decisions.



#MPM14 in 140 characters or less!

All year the 2013/14 Political Management cohort have been tweeting about their experiences throughout the program. These tweets have now been compiled to make a slideshow. Have a look to see what life is like as a student in the MPM program by clicking on the photo or here.... More

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Jennifer Lees-Marshment visits the MPM program

Students in Carleton’s Clayton H. Riddell Graduate Program in Political Management are fortunate to be receiving instruction from renowned political marketing scholar Jennifer Lees-Marshment. Lees-Marshment will be delivering four lectures at Carleton University through Oct. 10, 2013 about... More

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Mementos of the 2013 Riddell Reception

The Master of Political Management Class of 2013 hosted the annual Riddell Reception on April 11 at Métropolitain Brasserie, honouring three special guests who were exemplary as mentors and contacts: Anne McGrath (NDP), Chris Froggatt (Conservative) and Isabel Metcalfe (Liberal).  The reception... More

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