Journalists are the eyes, ears and voices for their fellow citizens — in local communities, across the country and around the globe.

From war zones to boardrooms, from courtrooms to capital cities, from hospitals, police stations and sports arenas to church basements, journalists rush to places where events occur. They ask questions, report what they see and hear, and offer analysis of the developments and issues that shape our society.

To fulfil their role in the workings of every democracy, journalists should be educated, knowledgeable, thoughtful, analytical, conscious of the responsibility that comes with their job, and equipped with a moral compass to guide their decisions.

For more than 60 years, graduates from Carleton’s Journalism program, informed by a demanding and intense curriculum that combines professional course work with traditional academic studies, have filled the ranks of the media and related occupations in Canada and around the world.


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15th Annual Kesterton Lecture

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