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Looking for a Non-Academic Job? Check Out What Crystal Blais (PhD Cog. Sc.) Suggests

Crystal Blais (PhD/13) landed her dream job even before she graduated with her PhD in Cognitive Science. Today, she is a Cognitive Neuroscientist at NorDocs Technologies, Inc., a medical devices company that focuses on treatment solutions for substance abuse and other disorders.... More

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Papua New Guinea

Mutation Helps Create the Most Durable Religions: by Jim Davies

When people think of religions, they tend to turn to of the big five: Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, and Buddhism. Although these are the most popular religions in the world, they are a minuscule sample of the thousands of religions that have existed over humanity’s history, and a small... More

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Vietnam Wall

Is It Possible to Feel Sympathy For Many People at Once?

People seem to be just as moved to compassion by a tragedy affecting 15 as 500 people. Can we overcome our insensitivity to numbers using imagery and the imagination? In this Psychology Today blog entry, Carleton University associate professor Jim Davies looks at the evidence. Jim Davies: Author... More

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