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Our 2013-14 Mentors!

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Profile picture of JasmineHello! My name is Jasmine and I’m currently a second year Psychology major with a minor in Law. I love Carleton and the ESP program and I’m happy to be helping out this year. 

When I first decided to enroll in the ESP program, I didn’t have any expectations and went in with an open mind. The mentors, facilitators and the rest of the ESP team really helped me navigate where my expectations and goals should be. Take advantage of the awesome resources at your disposal because they encourage you to stay focused and motivated. I’m positive we’ll all have an awesome year! 


Profile picture of JoshuaHi! My name is Josh and I am currently a third year student studying Psychology with a minor in Sociology. My experiences at Carleton University and in the Enriched Support Program (ESP) in particular have been amazing. I owe a great deal of my success to the resources and help the program provides. Prior to enrolling in the ESP I had very minimal experience with formal education as a result of a 13 year battle with drug and alcohol addiction. I dropped out of high school before completing my first year because of my addictions and dysfunctional family life. Any dreams of a successful future or post-secondary education seemed completely out of reach. My addictions continued to progress and my life continued to deteriorate until finally, after numerous failed attempts to change, I came to Ottawa and entered long-term treatment at Harvest House, a long-term drug/alcohol rehabilitation center.

While in treatment I acquired my GED (General Education Development) diploma and was informed by the amazing staff at Harvest House about the ESP program. It took a lot of convincing and encouragement on the part of the Harvest House staff because I did not think I was capable of being successful at the university level. Boy was I ever wrong!! By applying the study skills taught in the ESP workshops, taking advantage of all the resources provided by the ESP program, and, of course, a lot of hard work on my part, I finished with incredible marks! The ESP mentors, facilitators, instructors and staff played such integral parts in my academic achievements and success that I truly feel indebted to them and the program. I hope to be a part of someone else’s success story, and that is why I became a senior mentor.


Profile picture of KatieMy name is Katie, and I am currently studying a Bachelor of Cognitive Science at Carleton. I can honestly say that the ESP program was an incredible welcome to academia and has given me every opportunity to teach myself how to succeed. The lessons I have learned and the people I have met are invaluable.

I am grateful to be able to say that I have experienced much of life before attending post-secondary education, having lived, visited and worked in many different places in the world.

I look forward to becoming an active part of the group that is the ESP program as a mentor and hope that I can add to the experiences of students this year.  


Profile picture of LeanneHi, my name is Leanne and I am super excited to be returning as a senior mentor.  I am currently a third year law student with a minor in psychology. I first became a mentor because my mentor had such a great impact on myself and other students, and I wanted to be that help for new students. I fully enjoyed my first year as a mentor, and using the experience I gained, I am hoping to help students realize the potential that they have.

After high school, my marks did not reflect my potential so I enrolled at Algonquin College. After receiving my diploma in 2009, I wanted to continue with my education, however, I was unsure of how well I would succeed in university, so I enrolled in the ESP program. Being in ESP for a year was one of the best decisions I have made, as it helped me acquire certain academic skills I would not have been able to acquire if I had a regular first year course load. By taking three courses supported by workshops, rather than five in my first year, it helped with my transition from college (which was mostly hands-on) to larger lectures halls and more work. I believe most of my success in my first year was due to the ESP program. It was a great experience. 


Profile picture of Lisa KayHi everyone. My name is Lisa-Kay and I am currently in my second year at Carleton University studying Sociology.  Applying for the Enriched Support Program was a chance of a lifetime. This was a second chance to enter University and prove my full potential. Prior to Carleton, I went to Sir Sandford Fleming College and finished my two-year Social Work Diploma where I started working in my field as a Social Worker right after graduation. I was nervous to make the transition to university as I had been out of school for almost five years, however, the ESP program is nothing short of amazing. After just a few short weeks I knew I had made the right decision. All staff I had come in contact with had nothing but the best intentions for my success. Mentors played an enormous role as they aided me through the rough patches as a first year student. My workshop facilitators were so patient and supportive as were my professors and advisors. That’s the reason I wanted to become a mentor; to give back and be part of this amazing program, to be the one believing in others when they don’t believe in themselves. The ESP program changed my life and shaped my future. My advice to all of you is to study hard, use all the great resources ESP has to offer and believe in yourself. Look forward to meeting all of you. And have FUN!!!


Profile picture of MaddiHi, my name is Maddi and I am a second year Child Studies student here at Carleton. After not being the best student in high school I had no idea what I wanted to do, so I ended up taking a year off. After my year off I decided that I would just go to college as I thought university wasn’t for me. After getting into college and accepting the offer, one of my neighbors told me about the ESP program. I was hesitant at first to apply but then decided that this could be a good opportunity so I did.   

The ESP program gave me the confidence to attend university. With the support of the mentors, advisors, coaches and facilitators they helped me realize my potential. They guided me through the first year that ultimately led to getting accepted into the degree program. 

I am so happy to be a mentor this year. I am excited to help students with whatever they need to help make this a positive experience for everyone.


Profile picture of MattHi, my name is Matt and I am a second year Human Rights student here at Carleton University. Previous to entering into the AESP I studied in a graphic design program at an arts university on the east coast. Upon returning home to Ottawa I decided to add to my skill-set and follow in my passion for human rights advocacy and the rights of children. 

By becoming a part of the AESP community I was introduced to the program’s warm, welcoming staff members, including mentors, advisors and coordinators. Thanks to their guidance and support I was able to develop and strengthen my communication skills, going on to develop friendly and professional relationships with the peers and instructors in my program. I am incredibly grateful for the efforts of the academic coaches and facilitators who helped me develop my writing skills for an academic environment. Thanks to their encouragement and focus on building strong study habits I was able to maintain a GPA of 10.8 and overcome my ‘slightly’ obsessive fears of not submitting a perfect essay. 

I am excited to be a part of the ESP and look forward to meeting all of you in the coming year!

Matthew (M.J.)

Profile picture of Matthew (M.J.)Hi, my name is M.J. and I’m a second year student at Carleton University.

Attending Carleton University had never crossed my mind while I was planning my future during my last year of high school.  I had originally planned on studying Journalism at either Ryerson or U of T, but I applied to Carleton to please my mother, who had been speaking to a family friend who attended the university.

Things don’t always go as planned though, and after taking a co-op course instead of a math course (at the advice of my guidance counselor), I found myself one credit short (though the co-op was marvelous). Because of the mishap, I was turned down by every university I had applied to. It wasn’t until I received the brochure for Carleton’s ESP program that I realized I could still attend post-secondary.

Needless to say, the ESP program turned out to be exactly what I needed. The workshops were unbelievably helpful, and when it came time to study for midterms and finals, they were invaluable. The ESP seminar I attended was incredible, and it ended up being my favorite class. (I enjoyed it so much that I ended up changing my major to linguistics, the main focus of the class.) The mentors in the seminar were always willing to give me advice and guide me to different resources on campus, many of which I hadn’t known existed. This year, I was lucky enough to become a mentor in the class I had attended, and I am absolutely thrilled to have been given the opportunity to help fellow students the same way I was assisted.

Though it wasn’t a part of my initial plan for the future, I can’t see myself being this happy attending any other university. Carleton University is incredible, and the ESP program did wonders in setting me up for my future here at this school.


Profile picture of MirandaHello my name is Miranda. I started my Carleton University experience in 2011 with the Bridging Program. I had been out of full time school for five years and after I completed the Bridging program with a decent grade I was excited to start a full time program but still a little unsure of my capabilities as a university student. The ESP program was the next logical step. I am truly grateful for the ESP program and all that it has helped me achieve. A year ago when I applied for the program I was very nervous, but now I am so happy I made the choice to do it.

 Having the ability to talk openly about my needs as a student definitely helped me adjust and feel comfortable. The extra help classes as well as the First Year Seminar class were much less impersonal than a lecture or tutorial class. It was helpful to have this opportunity to really connect with my teachers and peers and felt as if I was a part of a community of students and teachers.

My degree is currently undeclared. It is my goal to become enrolled in the Interdisciplinary Studies program at Carleton and work towards creating my own degree which will focus in social work and community development. I understand now what it takes to be a successful student at Carleton and I am excited to help new ESP students realize what they too are capable of.


Profile picture of NoraHello! My name is Nora and I am a second-year Psychology major. I came to ESP straight out of high school being completely unsure of myself and my future. My marks did not reflect my potential and I was convinced that I was not a good student. I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life and where I was headed, but being in ESP changed my outlook completely.  With the help of the mentors, facilitators, instructors and advisors I realized that I really did have the potential to succeed and thoroughly surprised myself by performing quite well throughout the year. The support that the program offered helped to ease me into University life and made me feel as though I had a place that I belonged. I made good friends and felt right at home and am so glad that I decided to give ESP a chance. 

When I was accepted as a mentor I was so happy that I got to stay with the ESP family and that I could possibly help new students feel welcome like I did. I’m looking forward to this year and can’t wait to get started! Thanks!


Profile picture of PaulHey all! My name is Paul. I am entering my second year here at Carleton majoring in Criminology with a minor in Psychology. I came to the ESP program last year after having a rough senior year in high school. Sports injuries put me in a wheelchair after surgery during my first semester which was followed by the unfortunate death of my grandfather during my second semester. But life must go on.  I knew I wanted to get to University but did not know how I would accomplish such a feat. And that is when I found out about the ESP program. The resources made available to me and all ESP students really helped to enable me to apply myself towards my studies in ways that I had not previously thought possible. Goals are easily obtained as long as you push yourself towards the finish line.  Besides enjoying my time at Carleton, I am a huge enthusiast of cars and motorcycles and am a very active person. Mentoring is a chance to help future students with their transition and give back to the program that helped me realize my potential. I am looking forward to sharing the insight I have gained during my first year here at Carleton.


Profile picture of PeterHi my name is Peter and I am currently going into my third year at Carleton and majoring in Psychology. In my first year I was an ESP student and found the program phenomenal. It helped me get introduced to my topic of interest, psychology. I flourished in a community of academic, social and personal support that was second to none. I loved attending workshops and going over material in new and interesting ways that helped me learn strategies to not only retain the knowledge but also apply and refer it to my own life. The ESP Professors, Mentors, Facilitators and Staff really have your back and if you really want to succeed all you have to do is ask for help. I am very excited to help those in the ESP program I hope to offer a supportive, down-to-earth kind of hand to anyone that needs it. I look forward to my own challenging school year and wish to take advantage of many services such as the Academic Success service (SASC), Writing tutorial services, Paul Menton Centre and LSS workshops. I am very excited to start the new school year and share the journey of learning with others.


Profile picture of ReneHi everyone! My name is Rene and I am a third year psychology major student at Carleton. I had the privilege of working as an Enriched Support Program (ESP) Mentor last year, and I am looking forward to exceptional experiences this year yet again!  This year will be of success and excellence, if we apply ourselves into supporting others. Although I possess more than twelve years’ experience in sales and team management, the ESP Mentorship helped me understand that one of the greatest fulfillments in life is to empower others to excel and acquire their utmost potential. For me there is no greater sense of pride than supporting and observing another student utilize different resources, services, and skills in order to self-actualize; that is the main reason I am very excited to be part of the ESP Mentors once again!

Fellow students, I would strong suggest to engage with your ESP facilitators, instructors, ESP Advisors, professors, and, of course, your fellow ESP Mentors. The more you engage with those who can support you, the higher the likelihood that you will grow exponentially in your academics. We welcome you to ESP and to Carleton life!  


Profile picture of SabrinaHi, I’m Sabrina and I’m a second year Criminology student at Carleton. I entered the ESP straight out of high school, as I was denied entry to all other programs. I heard about ESP through my sister as her friend entered through this program, as well it was the program that had given me another chance. After completing the one year in ESP, I realized how fortunate I was to enter university this way.  With the help from everyone, and all the resources ESP has to offer, from the workshops to the advisors, they made what I believed to be not possible, possible. I became motivated and achieved marks, that even in high school, I did not achieve. You may feel unsure entering this program, but believe me, just as many others including myself, you will soon be happy you did. ESP has tons to offer, but make sure to take advantage of it! You’re truly in for a smooth transition and a great year!

Shane B.

Profile picture of Shane BGreetings! I’m Shane and I am a third year student doing a BA in Law. Before I got into ESP, I was doing an extra year of high school with little idea where I would go next in education. My grades were too poor to get into Carleton the usual way and my career prospects were limited. I heard about the ESP program through my teachers and guidance counsellor and was accepted into the program.

Initially, I was ashamed and bitter that I required the ESP program to get into Carleton. I felt it reflected poorly on my potential as a student. My first impressions of my workshops were that they seemed corny, juvenile and condescending. My feelings quickly changed as I attended all my workshops, classes and completed all my assignments and readings to the best of my ability. I discovered skills I never knew I had and worked with the resources provided to me to succeed. I went from a 60 average in high school to an 85 in university.

Being a mentor is an opportunity to give something back to the program that provided so much for me. I hope to encourage students to make the most of their time in ESP and to use every resource available to them.

Shane P.

Profile picture of Shane PHey, I’m Shane. I am a first year student at Carleton University and I went through the AESP program offered by Carleton. After successfully completing the AESP program, I decided to major in Canadian Studies with a minor in Law and Indigenous studies.

Here is a short story about my journey to Carleton. After graduating from College I decided to join the workforce for a few years. After several years working, I finally decided to pursue a university degree. I applied to Carleton and I wasn’t accepted because my first two years of college; my marks were not the greatest. Unfortunately I was not granted admission but Carleton informed me of the AESP program. After meeting with Centre for Initiatives in Education staff I decided to enter the program in order to gain admissions into my degree. After successfully completing AESP, I was granted admissions into my degree.

The AESP program helped me build the confidence I needed to succeed at a university level. The staff from the department are amazing and always trying to help the students in the program. As long as you take an active role in the ESP/AESP programs, you should be met with success at the end of the year.


Profile picture of TheresaHi fellow CU students! My name is Theresa. I am currently a third year student majoring in psychology with a minor in French. I had encountered many challenges and self-doubts before I had the great opportunity of being admitted into the Enriched Support Program (ESP). I would love to give back to the Enriched Support Program for giving me this great opportunity, taking the skills and knowledge that I have learned and helping others achieve their goals. Taken as a whole, my experience as an ESP student has helped me get back on track and achieve my goals with more self-assurance and perseverance with the help of the ESP faculty department, First-Year-Seminar instructor, facilitators, mentors and coaches. I strongly believe that with hard work and a bit of guidance, anyone can succeed in their post-secondary education.  Without this tremendous program being offered, I would not have been as strong and confident in my studies as well as in myself. I look forward to meeting you all and best of luck with your academic studies!

Tracy W.

Profile picture of Tracy WMy name is Tracy and I am currently a third year Bachelor of Arts student with a major in Psychology and a minor in French. I have been chosen as a senior mentor for the 2013-2014 academic school year. I thoroughly enjoyed working as a mentor last year, and I feel so honoured to be working in the Enriched Support Program again. I look forward to meeting and working with all of you. Good luck to all of the incoming students! 

Tracy Y.

Profile picture of Tracy YHello everyone, my name is Tracy and I am a second year Biology student at Carleton. When I first applied to Carleton, like many others, I did not get into the program I applied to because my grades just weren’t right. Carleton then sent me a letter about the ESP program and I decided to apply because I knew this would be my second chance at university. Being in ESP was such a wonderful experience, and I really wished more schools had this program. It really eased me into university life with the help of workshops, mentors and academic coaches. At the end of the school year I was amazed that I got into my program and how much I had improved academically.

Since I received so much help and support my first year, I applied to be a mentor so I could do the same. I want to help others ease into university life, achieve their academic goals, and enjoy their first year. I can’t wait to share my experiences with the new AESP/ESP students!


Profile picture of TylerI’m Tyler. I’m currently returning to Carleton for a second year for a degree in Cognitive Science with a Specialisation in Philosophical and Conceptual Issues thanks to the ESP program.

Before ESP, I wasn’t sure what I was going to do after high school, and wouldn’t have gotten into University without the program due to poor class choices. It’s safe to say that the ESP program was one of the best decisions I’ve made. It acted as the now-defunct ‘Grade 13’ did, providing me more time to think about where I wanted to be in five years whilst providing credits towards my degree.

Without the CIE, I would have ended up attending college for something I wasn’t passionate about. The faculty also provided outstanding work in helping me improve my academic abilities.

Being a Mentor for the program that helped me so much will give me an opportunity to help others who enter the program this year to improve themselves and go on to achieve their academic goals at Carleton.


Profile picture of VickiMy name is Vicki and I am currently in my second year at Carleton. I had always said I would go back to school after a year of working — the year turned into six. I had a co-worker who highly recommended the AESP program to me and having heard so many great things, I decided to take the chance. It turned out to be an amazing experience. The support the staff provided took most fears away that I had about going back to school and being a successful student in a university setting. The journey of my AESP has come and gone, but I am fortunate enough to be part of the AESP team this year as a mentor. 



VichhekaWelcome to Carleton! I am so excited that you are stepping into Carleton through ESP/AESP. Had I not entered Carleton through the ESP/AESP, I probably would have been one of the statistics – a drop-out within the first year. Fortunately, ESP/AESP is full of amazing and intelligent staff who want you to succeed. They are there to support us. All we have to do is reach out when we need help, show up to all our classes and workshops, and do our best. Success will most likely follow. 

I am currently transitioning into the Directed Interdisciplinary Studies (DIS is basically a “Design Your Own Degree” program) in which my major is Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) with a minor in Spanish. ESP/AESP helped me with the study skills and resources to survive and thrive in my first year at Carleton. I wish you all the best and I look forward to meeting you!