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Department of Economics



The Department of Economics in the Faculty of Public Affairs at Carleton University is a research-intensive academic unit that houses the Centre for Monetary and Financial Economics (CMFE) and offers a Ph.D. program in economics jointly with the University of Ottawa, an M.A. program in economics with an optional concentration in financial economics or an optional collaborative specialization in data science or African studies, a Post-Baccalaureate Diploma in Economics, and a diverse set of undergraduate degree programs including B.A. Honours in Economics or Applied Economics with various optional concentrations, B.A. Honours in Economics with Specialization in Quantitative and Mathematical Economics, B.A. Combined Honours in Economics or Applied Economics and one of numerous other disciplines, and B.G.In.S. Honours with Specialization in International Economic Policy or Global Development.



Professor Eric Stephens comments on “Whole Foods effect”

“At the same time, according to Eric Stephens, assistant professor of Economics at Carleton University, it is possible that ‘Whole Foods targets areas that can and will continue to support a high-end store, choosing neighbourhoods in which prices are already on the rise.’” (Christa Thomas,... More

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Adjunct Research Professor Scott Clark comments on fiscal impact of falling oil prices

“‘The federal government revenues are extremely sensitive to what oil prices are doing,’ said Scott Clark, a former senior Finance Department bureaucrat and professor at Carleton University in Ottawa. “‘If you listen to Mr. Oliver, he’s very optimistic—in fact, almost... More

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The Representative Agent Does Not Know What He or She is Doing!

An animated and enthusiastic group of undergraduate and graduate economics students, together with a select party of alumni and faculty, gathered in the Tory Building on Thursday, October 9 to enjoy the first of this year’s major joint events organized and hosted by the Carleton Undergraduate... More

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Brown bag seminar with Wladimir Zanoni

Monday, November 03 - 12:00 PM


Seminar with Yogesh Uppal of YSU

Friday, November 14 - 2:30 PM

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