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Department of Economics



The Department of Economics in the Faculty of Public Affairs at Carleton University is a research-intensive academic unit that offers a Ph.D. program in economics jointly with the University of Ottawa, an M.A. program in economics with an optional concentration in financial economics or an optional collaborative specialization in data science or African studies, a Post-Baccalaureate Diploma in Economics, and a diverse set of undergraduate degree programs including B.A. Honours in Economics or Applied Economics with various optional concentrations, B.A. Honours in Economics with Specialization in Quantitative and Mathematical Economics, and B.A. Combined Honours in Economics or Applied Economics and one of numerous other disciplines.



Professor Vivek Dehejia on whether last global financial crisis has rubbished “Jackson Hole consensus” on optimal monetary policy

Vivek Dehejia, “A monetary policy paradigm: Richard Clarida’s recent paper could be key for policymakers in deciding whether India should move to an ‘inflation targeting policy regime’” Business Standard at More

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Professor Frances Woolley weighs in on “bags versus jugs” debate

“Perhaps out of inter-departmental spite, or perhaps out of national pride, his (Canadian) colleague Frances Woolley took issue with his blog post and fired back. “In her blog entry, aptly titled Take that, Steve Saideman, Woolley, who researches the economics of the family at Carleton... More

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Professor Chris Gunn comments on link between productivity and business confidence

“Instead, there are two other reasons why secular stagnation might end. Christopher Gunn at Carleton University in Ottawa provides one. ‘Changes in expectations cause changes in productivity,’ he says. This is because if a manager wants to raise productivity, he needs to do a lot of work in... More

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