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Department of Chemistry



Chemistry has and continues to contribute greatly to the well-being of mankind. Developments such as pharmaceutical drugs, Kevlar, Gortex, and many other synthetic materials that we now use are taken for granted in our daily lives. However, many problems remain. Pollution, global warming, disease, and malnutrition are but a few that involve chemistry. These problems will be better and more quickly tackled and solved by a society that understands and appreciates the role chemistry can play in contributing to these solutions. Learn More.



Additional sources of beneficial fungus discovered in the Acadian forest

Science Media Centre highlights research paper authored by Chemistry professor David Miller and students Susan Richardson and Allison Walker. Their research group found that fungus from the needles of white pine trees and lowbush blueberries produced a compound that can be used to fight infections... More

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PhD student David Mandia receives scholarship from international organization

The research work conducted by PhD student David Mandia in Chemistry professor Sean Barry’s lab was recently acknowledged by SPIE,the international society for optics and photonics. Mandia received the $3,000 Optics and Photonics Education Scholarship from SPIE for his work on the MOSAIC... More

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Chemistry professor reaches publishing milestone

Chemistry Professor P.R. Sundararajan’s 150th paper has been published in Soft Matter, a journal published by the Royal Society of Chemistry, UK. The paper is co-authored with Professor Sundararajan’s graduate student Elianne Dahan. View the paper here.... More

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