Profile: Ron Fourney

Profile: Ron Fourney


Ron Fourney - Adjunct Professor
National Services and Research Branch
Forensic Science and Identification Services
National Police Services
Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Dr. Fourney received his Ph.D. in Biochemistry and conducted post-doctoral studies in molecular basis of cancer predisposition as a National Cancer Institute of Canada and Alberta Cancer Board Research Fellow. He joined the RCMP as a civilian member and molecular genetics specialist in 1988. Dr. Fourney is a founding member of the RCMP DNA program and has been instrumental in the development and implementation of forensic DNA typing for Canada. He represents the RCMP on numerous national and international committees tasked with the development of DNA identification methods for forensic human identification.

He has also played key roles in numerous investigations including organization and management of the SR111 DNA Typing task force for the DNA identification of the victims of the Swissair Flight 111 aircraft disaster. He has continued his interest in enhancing forensic DNA technology and has specialized in fluorescent Short Tandem Repeat detection analysis, robotic automation and comprehensive strategic planning for DNA data banks and high throughput DNA analysis. Dr. Fourney is closely involved with the privacy and security issues of DNA human identification and was a key content expert in the design of the Canadian DNA Data Bank Legislation.

Dr. Fourney is currently the Director, National Services and Research which falls under the Forensic Science and Identification Services (FS&IS) of the RCMP National Police Services. His new role includes the research and development of science and technologies to aid in national criminal investigations and the advancement of forensic applications within the National Police Services, as well as internationally, through cooperative partnerships. He is a member of the editorial boards for The Journal of BioTechniques and The Journal of Forensic Sciences. He has an academic cross appointment as adjunct professor in the Department of Biology, Carleton University (Ottawa-Carleton Institute of Biology).

In April 2006, her Excellency the Governor General of Canada appointed Dr. Fourney Office of the Order of Merit of the Police Forces in recognition for his contributions to Canada in the field of forensic DNA science.