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Art History


In Art History, we study the realm of visual communication, from the canon of Western art to architecture, photography, popular culture, and the arts of non-Western societies. Our material ranges from the prehistoric period to the present day. We aim to instill in our students not only a historical framework for understanding imagery, but also a methodological awareness of the multiple possibilities for interpreting art and other visual phenomena.

The History and Theory of Architecture program explores the history, meaning and social significance of the built environment, and how it both reflects and shapes human circumstances, needs and aspirations. We also study the theoretical foundations of architectural movements ranging from Antiquity to the present day. In addition to extensive courses in Art History, courses are offered through other departments and faculties. An Honours and General program are offered. More about the HTA program.

All units in the School for Studies in Art and Culture (SSAC) have graduate programs at the Masters level  (for more information about the Art History MA please click here). As well, most full-time faculty members in the SSAC can supervise PhD dissertations through the Institute for Comparative Studies in Literature, Art and Culture (ICSLAC). Please visit the ICSLAC site for further information.


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Christmas in Venice ~by Laura

Although, my departure from Venice is unfathomably imminent, I am lucky enough to be here for the onset of the Christmas lights! Venice is magical at any time of year, and the Christmas lights especially enhance the magic of the city. Strolling through the quiet streets gains a new level of charm... More

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Cimitero San Michele ~by Laura

On Friday, we visited the Cimitero San Michele. The cemetery is on its own island, and is quite unlike any cemetery I have encountered heretofore. Not only is it the most visually dazzling cemetery, but it is also the most cheerful. Every portion is perfectly manicured, and every grave boasts... More

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Green Man Thumb

Green Man 1

During my recent perambulation of Parliament’s East Block, I was chuffed to come across an old friend on the north wall. He goes by the name of the Green Man – a modern moniker for a figure that is at least two thousand years old. He is often shown, as here, surrounded by foliage, or... More

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Recent graduate and the National Gallery online magazine

Recent Carleton Master of Arts in Art History graduate, Ian Ferguson has an article featured in the National Gallery of Canada’s online magazine: More

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Ruskinian Ottawa

I spent a very pleasant part of my morning on Thursday helping out some senior students in the School of Journalism and Communication with a short documentary video they are producing on the renovations underway at Parliament Hill. The piece is primarily about the sculptors who are working on the... More

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